SoundHound Song Search & Music Player

Version (7.6) released on 6/1/17
Latest Release: 4.5 ★ from 41 Reviews
Overall: 4 ★ from 82,614 Reviews

Get your Widget on! Use our new widget to SoundHound from your search, home, and lock screens:
--Recognize songs playing around you even more quickly
--View and access your SoundHound history

Great, how do I get it?
--Scroll down to the bottom of your your search screen and tap ‘Edit’ or
--Long press on the SoundHound app icon to get the 3D touch menu and tap ‘Add Widget’

In case you missed our 7.5 release, you can now connect to Apple Music!
--Automatically save your search history to a playlist in Apple Music.
--Say “OK Hound… play ‘Down’ by Marian Hill”. Quickly find and play an Apple Music song hands-free.
--Stream the full song in SoundHound while enjoying LiveLyrics®.
--Navigate the song with LiveLyrics - double tap a line to jump to the chorus, skip ahead, or replay from the beginning.